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Cinema e turismo

Visit the Sassi and stroll through film sets of the films that have made the history of cinema, to discover the picturesque location and contributed to the success of national and international films.

Here’s what you get from September, the city of Matera, born to be a leader. Matera city of cinema. ” Film tourism Basilicata Experience ” was created by ‘meeting between the prestigious Ischia Film Festival and Gal Bradanica for valorizzarele the exceptional location of Pasolini’s films and Tornatore and the big American productions – from the’ Passion of Christ ‘by Mel Gibson to remake ‘Ben Hur’ – presents, directed by Wecome Matera, the Movie Tour, travel packages created specifically to ‘go’ in the most important film sets.

The Sassi of Matera, the Ionian coast and Dolemite Lucane are the stages of this three days dedicated to Lucan territories become the set of the film.

Looking for locations, atmospheres and visa scene cuts to the movies and on television. Everyone will visit the places that have come to know in the movie theater, walking, step by step, the Via Crucis, or imagining to mount a movie marquee along with Joe Morelli dell ‘ “Man of the stars”. The same Matera imagined as ancient Rome by Morgan Freeman, who coached the protagonist of the new Ben Hur, Timur Bekmambetov, the chariot race.

It will be just the beginning.

The travel experience is for all tourists, curious and film lovers, who want to discover the Sassi of Matera with an offer that ties the film to tourism. Thanks to the facilities of Welcome Matera, and as a small Hollywood of the South, the city expands the meaning of hospitality and complete with a passion for cinema, opening the way for an innovative tourism, cultured and also interested in the contemporary world, breaking the links in approaching the time to tie them, past and future.


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